Making Contact Accessible

While most websites have a contact form, or even a phone contact, this is often not enough for people with disabilities. The more access options your supply, the easier contact is for everybody to be included.

Could your company be easier to contact?

Most websites have a contact phone number, and for 90% of users, this is sufficient to contact a company, or service provider, for enquiries.

However, this method of contact is not always and option for those with disabilities, such as motor disorders, deafness and hearing difficulties, among many.

For these people, this is a stone wall, which cannot be scaled.

Other options need to be provided to ensure people are not excluded from your website. People are always looking for other means of contact should a phone not be a viable

In todays world, other options are abundant. Email, Skype, online forms or live webchat are all viable options for companies, and service providers, to have available on their website to ensure accessability for all.

Sites, such as this one contain options for a variety of contact methods.

This enables users with various abilities to use the technology to access people within the organisation.

Email, Skype, online forms or live webchat, web video are all useful tools for inclusive design.